2011 – 2012


Paavai varam trust is committed to social development and in the field of training women in the teaching arena. So the respectable members of the trust, of PAAVAI VARAM have started a B.ED., training college for the benefit of rural women students, in and around Namakkal District. This took shape in the year 2004. Ever since the inception of this Paavai College of Education, it is providing service in the field of teacher education by admitting graduate students, and training them to become teachers, in the real sense. By the continuous support of the Paavai Educational Trust members and the regular guidance and encouragement of the Chairman Sir and Correspondent madam, along with the best teaching formula of the Principal Madam and the devoted service of the faculty members, the college has achieved good development and attained 100% results in the past years.

52 women and 48 men candidates are undergoing the B.ED., course this year in Paavai Colleg of Education. The students of the College of education undertake many activities both in theory and in practical aspects, which are a part of their curriculum. The academic year 2011-2012 started on 22nd September 2011 and was inaugurated by the chairman sir. To mark the start of the academic year, the kuthuvilakku was lite by the chairman sir. To mark the start of the academic year, the kuthuvilakku was lit by the correspondent madam. As a great gesture of giving divine respect to parents, the B.ED., students performed Padha Pooja to their parents who have accompanied them, for the inaugural function.

A number of programmes have been carried out as mentioned hereunder.

The office barrers for the academic year 2011-2011 of the B.ED., college were selected on 10th October 2011.

All the 100 students were divided into 7 groups, called the tutorial group, for carrying out curricular and co-curricular activities are the seminars, symposium, oratorical programmes and article writing etc and the co-curricular activities are carrying out decoration work and hall arrangements during meetings, organizing meetings, writing charts and learning the art of making socially useful products such as the Dolls, Greeting cards, Envelops etc.,

Daily two students are given the opportunity to talk for 2 minutes, in English or Tamil, on matters of general importance and on textual topics, soon after the Morning Prayer.

On 5th October 2011 Saraswathi pooja was celebrated with usual joy. The students drew the portrait of Goddess Saraswathi in Rangoli. In that function the students chanted religious rhymes and 108 Namavalee while offering flowers and Nevathiyam to Goddess Saraswathi. As a special performance, the students arranged a Golu with dolls on this occasion.

From November 1st our B.Ed students were deputed to nearly 25 Government high schools and higher secondary schools for teaching practice to improve their teaching ability as required by the syllabus. They have successfully completed their training with the Co-operation of the guide teachers and Headmasters. The teaching practice lasted for 40 working days.

On 1st December 2011 AIDS awareness programme was conducted in the B.Ed., campus.

On 3rd January 2012 the B.Ed., students donated their Blood in the blood donation camp conducted to mark the Paavai youth festival. Our students also participated in the trekking event as well as in Essay writing, Drawing, Oratorical, Singing and Sports competitions arranged for students to commemorate the youth festival.

On 24th January 2012 the national integration festival was arranged by the Paavai Institutions in which about 100 schools participated from Salem and Namakkal district. Nearly 2000 high school student enthusiastically took part in competitions like Oratorical, Essay, Singing, Drawing, Poem, Quiz, Rangoli and first three winners were awarded the prizes. Certificate of participation was given to all the students.

As a part of our academic programme, seminars were conducted for B.Ed., students in their core subjects. The students themselves prepared and presented papers on topics assigned to them under the guidance of the subject lectures.

From 19th January to 21st, the First Aid Camp was arranged to B.Ed students. Mr.Rajaraman of St.John’s Ambulance, Salem, conducted the course and certificates were given to students. The importance of the first aid and some useful demonstrations about the first aid were given to students through LCD projector.

Achievement motivation camp was conducted to B.Ed students in the class. The n’ach category theories etc were explained to students. Lectures were given on various topics like Maslow’s Hierarchy theory. The students enthusiastically took part in it.

As a measure to improve the writing and speaking skill in English, special coaching is conducted to our B.Ed students.

Each student is given a chance to express himself/herself for two minutes in English in the class on any topic of general importance. Basic grammar and error free writing are taught to students. Word making game and introduction of English poems are being regularly undertaken in the class. We hope this will create an interest in the reading of English poems in students. Daily one new English word is given to the students, with meaning, in order to increase their vocabulary.

Two of our B.Ed staffs who were enrolled for Ph.D degree in 2008 are to submit their Ph.D thesis in the month Dec. 2012 on topics related to education and one more staff has registered in 2009 in the Dravidian University, Kuppam, Andrapradesh for getting the Ph.D degree.

We, the staff express our deep gratitude and thanks to the management for providing everything we need for our academic growth and improvement.

We also thank the CEO. DEO of Namakkal and Salem for their continued support in training our students in government schools of Namakkal and Salem districts.

Already a good number of present B.Ed., batch students have been appointed as teachers in various schools and a few pursuing post graduate studies. We are proud to say that 90% of our past students have been appointed in government and private schools and a few, run their own schools.

With the blessings of god, the Almighty and the Blessing of mother Paavaiammal, the institution will grow to its heights and serve the society. We thank the members of the Paavai Varam Educational Trust for their unending efforts to make this institution great.